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TEL: 0571-88136897
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Hangzhou songjing electrical appliances sales center is located in Hangzhou paradise economic development zone, is a production, sales, service as one of the manufacturers. Currently the main needle air humidity to develop and produce industrial dehumidifier, runner industrial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, dehumidifier, humidifier, industrial humidifier, humidifier, industrial humidifiers, humidification, dehumidification equipment equipment. The company has complete production lines, production equipment, testing equipment, with annual production capacity of 200,000 units of production capacity. Full range of products and a wide variety available, our products have been widely used in the textile, printing, cigarettes, medicine, flower cultivation greenhouses, mushroom cultivation, micro-enterprise, archives, telecommunications, electricity, plastics, wood paper and industry workshops, warehouses, such as direct regulation of temperature and humidity control, air purification, energy saving and environmental protection.

songjing microcomputer automatic control, weak-electric products separately, user-friendly design, powerful features, and excellent value for money, for you to create dry and comfortable environment, worry about lifting of moist, to meet the technological requirements, energy conservation and environmental protection is our eternal theme. We are filled with warmly welcome you to visit our company and negotiate orders; the company will become your trusted friend!

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