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Service Terms

first,   before-sales service:

  enthusiasm to accept customers ' consultation, detailed product specifications, performance characteristics, advantages, and should send product samples and related information requested by customers.

Second, the   sale of services:

  for the user to provide the most professional, economic and reasonable configuration and application solutions. If users have special needs, can provide a product prototype and the door according to the use of environmental design configuration and application solutions.  

third, the   service:

 1 , users can enjoy a year from the date of purchase (industrial dehumidifier compressor three years) warranty; warranty repairs free of charge, other repairs only spare parts cost no charge time. Outside the warranty period and "  warranty information  " article is there damage or failure of spare parts, replacement and repair, only charge the spare parts cost no charge time.

 2 , products that had been repaired, within six months because of quality problems the same parts damaged or fails the free replacement or repair.

 3 , a national 24-hour hotline of the person responsible for,  to receive the user's inquiries, complaints and repair.

 4 , product service center is located within the city limits, after receiving the repair call, door-to-door services within 48 hours; the rest of the failed machine, please send or shipped to a service center, Service Center General failure within three working days after receipt of the defective machine repair back to the customer.

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