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Air conditioner should not replace dehumidification machine

Many users ask: "air conditioners do not can dehumidify? After you have a air conditioning, dehumidifiers do not become redundant? "Actually, this is a consumption errors, air conditioning machine of main function is refrigeration and business hot, with independent dehumidification function of air conditioning machine can dehumidification, but dehumidification volume small, and dehumidification slow; and in South area of rainy season, temperature are lower, most time are in 20 ℃ following, then of air conditioning machine dehumidification blow out of is cold, more dehumidification more cold, to people of feel quite not comfortable. In addition, because the air conditioner is fixed only in the small area of dehumidification, dehumidifier is more important when apoptosis increases several times the load when running not only power and damage to the compressor, and shorten the life of the machine. Therefore, the air conditioner should not replace dehumidification machine use.

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