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House size dehumidifier set reference

General of buildings (room height 2.3 meters, door, and window close normal of ground buildings), room area set dehumidification machine of reference for: dehumidification volume 20 rose/day applies area 20 square meters ~30 square meters around; dehumidification heavy 30 rose/day applies area 30 square meters ~40 square meters around; dehumidification volume 50 rose/day applies area 50 square meters ~70 square meters around, dehumidification volume 80 rose/day applies area 80 square meters-100 square meters around ; Dehumidification capacity of 100 liters/day for an area of about 100 square meters ~150 sq.

Note: relative humidity requirements of household and office space can be configured ~30 20 l/day litres/day dehumidifier, and turns the room dehumidifiers; valuables to relatively high dehumidification requirements places should be fixed to configure the appropriate number of machines.

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