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Domestic industrial dehumidifier

Domestic industrial dehumidifier

technical parameter  

       &Nbsp;            in addition to     wet    :          &Nbsp;       20 l/

                    Fitness      van   wall:                  10~25 square

   &Nbsp;                         source:                  220V~50Hz

            &Nbsp;       rated input current:                  1.2A 

                   rated input power:                  235W

                 &Nbsp;  in addition to    cream    :                  auto

   &Nbsp;                through the    ring   style  :       &Nbsp;          450/h  

              &Nbsp;     row    water    :                  water tank

                   the use of ambient temperature:                  5-38℃

                &Nbsp;     shrinking   machine protection of:                  delayed three minutes

   &Nbsp;                   loading     product:                  390×365×565mm

              &Nbsp;     NET         :                  8.1kg

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