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Ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier

  And practical, easy to install. SJ series of industrial ultrasonic humidifier, standard water supply   mouth, discharge valve and overflow, water supply and automatic water supply, the water level automatic control.

Technical parameters of ultrasonic industrial humidifiers
The nameFogFor air volume  Fog modePower supply voltage
Fusing currentControl mode
Power consumptionFog particle diameterNet weightOutside dimensions
ZS-10Z≥3170110PVC220/505Climate control300≤103960X46X73
ZS-20Z≥6300110PVC220/5010Climate control600≤104260X46X73
ZS-30Z≥94802X110PVC220/5015Climate control900≤105382X46X73
ZS-40Z≥126102X110PVC220/5020Climate control1200≤105782X46X73

Industrial humidifier Ultrasonic application volume
Humidity range
Volume M3Volume M3Volume M3Volume M3

ZS series of industrial ultrasonic humidifier control:    

      Digital humidity controller automatic control (model with the letter "z"  ), humidity control range can be set by the 1%RH-99%RH arbitrary control

      Accuracy ± 5%RH, at this point, the equipment can be   automatically in the settings work without staff duties. SJ series of industrial ultrasonic humidifier output pipeline, according to user needs

      Wet location rational layout of pipeline, uniform distribution of the mist outlet, line connection required between the seal. SJ series of ultrasonic   humidifier, internal integrated aerosol components,

      And with no water protection device, droplet diameter of 1- 10 generated by μ m, particle size, can be suspended in the air for a long time. SJ series of industrial ultrasonic humidifier,

      Spray work   without mechanical drive, no noise, no pollution, atomization efficiency and low failure rates, low energy consumption, are efficient, reliable, practical ultrasonic industrial plus


    ZS series of industrial ultrasonic humidifier, use with φ 110mm PVC standard pipe, widely used in the following industries:

    &Nbsp;3  2  1, textile industry, paper industry, computer room  4  6  5, spraying industry, electronic industry, plastics industry  7  8, printing, gunpowder industry  9, real   inspection  

    &Nbsp;10, tobacco industry  11 fresh-keeping storage, heated pass  12,  13, food industry  14 plant   plant    15, Yang   colonization    16, artificial landscape  .


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