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Wet-membrane humidifier

Wet-membrane humidifier

  ¤ Computer LCD displays, 5% humidity precision control, set free  
  ¤  No compressor, no refrigerant, pollution-free eco-friendly products  
  ¤  Foot cast wheels, easy to move, easy  
  ¤  Plastic shell, streamlined design, elegant  
  ¤  Random displays the current climate at a glance  
  ¤ Simple operation, water alarm  
  ¤  Purifying air, beauty and functionality  

Technical parameters of  

&Nbsp;                  and     wet    :                  1.8kg/h

&Nbsp;                  fitness      Fei   Wei:     &Nbsp;             about 100 cubic metres

&Nbsp;                           source:                  220V~50Hz 

&Nbsp;                  cooling power input:                  60W 

&Nbsp;                  cycle   wind  :       &Nbsp;          500/h  

&Nbsp;                  maximum injection of water:                  16.0L

&Nbsp;                  the use of ambient temperature:                  0℃~40℃ 

&Nbsp;                  out      ft   inch:     &Nbsp;            480x585x1003mm (depth x width x height)

&Nbsp;                  NET         :                  12kg


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