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Constant temperature and humidity machine

Constant temperature and humidity machine

with modern social and economic development, increasing demand for the industrial production of air temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity environmental control equipment is widely used in the field. Constant temperature and humidity machine, SONGJING industrial temperature and humidity with international brand compressor, refrigeration accessories and electrical control components, in full accordance with the European standards for industrial design and manufacturing, with reliable, efficient and controlled precision characteristics. Units are widely used in various industries-industrial workshop, exhibition halls, archives, laboratories, and other places, industrial air conditioning professional to create precision constant temperature and humidity environment. Excellent quality

from the international advanced technology, unit protection function is complete; the total quality control, each procedure tested; unit safe and stable operation, high cost performance, creating close and constant humidity air conditioning environment for you, and you create more economic value and utility.

environmental protection and energy saving

design, can be adjusted according to the actual load on multiple volumes, running efficiency; and energy recovery can bring in fresh air, keep the air fresh and clean; produced by all green refrigerant R407c and R134a refrigerant products.

intelligent control of

electrical control components used in all international brands such as Siemens Siemens products; automatic controllers by Siemens microcomputer PLC programmable control system, according to user requirements programming control, control methods, the operation is simple and flexible, and can be controlled independently or centralized control, communication interface can be configured for remote monitoring.

high efficiency quiet

units with Copeland Copeland efficient flexible scroll compressors and low noise efficient blower, with the big size high efficiency heat exchangers and other components optimal design made, and special noise reduction, effective refrigeration capacity more and more quiet, energy efficient.

easy maintenance

unit independent of framework design of cooling systems and air systems independent of each other; in maintenance as part of operation; the unit front panel features press switch door locks, and year-round low failure rate and maintenance easier and faster.


sets the most advanced temperature and humidity, a constant temperature and humidity machine technology, international top-quality raw materials and components and the user sharing the products of the highest quality


United States Copeland Copeland fully closed flexible Vortex compressor compared with traditional compressors, high energy efficiency, reliability, smooth running and quiet.

fin-and-tube heat exchanger

-finned heat exchanger, inner-grooved copper tube and corrugated hydrophilic fin efficiency ratio increased by 10% above.

plate heat exchanger

Sweden Alfa Laval ALFALAVAL cross counter-flow plate heat exchanger, heat effect, small size, strong anti-freezing capability and easy maintenance.


Italy SIG wind COMEFRI centrifugal fan or Germany EBM axial fans, low speed, large air volume and low noise.


Switzerland Nord Pullman NORDMANN electrode humidifier, humidification capacity and discharge is controlled by the computer, add wet uniform clean, humidifier tank cleaning procedures to ensure high humidification efficiency of humidification tank and greatly extend the life of humidification.


with stainless steel fin-and-tube electric heaters, with perfect heat overload protection and prevention of ionization, long service life, running efficient, safe and reliable.


beautiful ALCO filter drier, United States Poland SPORLAN expansion valves, Italy kasitu CASTEL solenoid valve, Taiwan guanya high-pressure accumulator, gas-liquid separator performance, security, and reliability to ensure normal and reliable operation of the system.


Japan Golden Eagles Palace SAGINOMIYA pressure controllers, flow controllers, Switzerland Waco REFCO high and low pressure gauges, United States ALCO oil sight glasses, Italy anti freezing thermostat, defrost and so on, and keep track of German operation of the unit, ensure the safe operation of the unit.

intelligent control of

Germany Siemens Siemens microcomputer PLC programmable control LCD, the user-friendly design, precise control and easy operation.

shell: uses the high strength aluminum alloy frame or profile frames and 1.2~3.0mm electrolytic plate, with advanced electrostatic spraying, high temperature paint technology, anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability is strong, durable and compact structure, suitable for outdoor or indoor installation and can according to user's requirements for "tailor-made" flexible combination provides users with different tastes with a wide range of rotation


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