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Wheel industrial dehumidifier

Wheel industrial dehumidifier

Matsui electrical   runner industrial dehumidification machine products including: standard type, and energy-saving type, and low regeneration temperature type, and low dew point type, variety specifications of standard runner industrial dehumidification machine and the combined runner industrial dehumidification unit can meet various using environment and air parameter requirements, achieved temperature, and humidity while control; while can according to user requirements custom various non-standard of dehumidification equipment;  a, and Matsui electrical   runner dehumidification overview

adsorption Rotary industrial dehumidifier for its outstanding energy-saving and environmental protection is recognized as the 21st century alternative CFC ' s one of the preferred technique of compression freezing dehumidifier. It can quickly, easily and effectively reduce air humidity and effective solution at room temperature with low humidity, low temperature and low humidity with other freezing methods impossible desiccant areas, particularly by the combinations using air below dew point up to-70 c: and can utilize industrial waste heat, heat recovery, solar, natural gas and other low grade thermal energy as renewable energy, pollution-free, low energy consumption. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, electronics, electrical, chemical, defense, and printing humidity requirements of the industry. In high temperature and high humidity areas, industrial absorption Rotary dehumidifiers will play to its unique advantages, could bring enormous economic benefits to the enterprise. Second, Matsui electric   wheel industrial dehumidifier basic structure and working principle

runner industrial dehumidification machine of core parts is a cellular-like runner, runner by special ceramic fiber carrier and activity silicone composite and into; runner sides by special of sealed device into two a regional: processing regional and the regeneration regional; Dang need dehumidification of wet air through runner of processing regional Shi, wet air of steam was runner of activity silicone by adsorption, dry air was processing wind machine sent to need processing of space; and constantly slow turned of runner contains with tends to saturated of steam into regeneration regional ; Reverse blowing hot air in the blanket makes the runner in the adsorption of moisture desorption, outdoor fan, allowing the runner's ability to restore moisture and finish the regeneration process, the wheel constantly rotating, dehumidification and regeneration of this cycle, so as to ensure sustained and steady industrial dehumidifier dehumidifier. &Nbsp;  of water molecules in the air is absorbed by hydrophilic silica gel in porous media, micro-porous capillary structure in condensation will absorb large amounts of water molecules. &Nbsp;   heated air into the blanket so that its temperature, the water molecules adsorbed in porous activated adsorption abilities are weakened, water discharge from the silica gel in porous media.    

Matsui electrical   runner industrial dehumidification machine used imports Japan SEIBU, and NICHIAS Corporation efficient runner; the runner used patent technology, tie a inorganic Binder, ceramic fiber was processing into hive-like, in high temperature burning Xia all of organic material was transfer, then hive matrix of runner through aggregate reaction and special silicone (metal Portland) Fusion, so not only has good of anti-hot sex, and can in any humidity conditions Xia application; has dehumidification capacity strong, no dehumidification agent loss , Non-toxic, non-corrosive, ensure the safe and stable operation for a long time, because the runner increases the hydrophilic and microporous to absorb more water, according to the air condition, drying capacity than silicone wheels improves 20%~30%.

molecular screen runner to special synthesis zeolite for moisture agent implanted ceramic fiber matrix in the, because zeolite has is small of pore and is strong of anti-hot capacity, this runner applies Yu low dew point situation, or for processing contains easy variable organic compounds as vinyl ethylene glycol, and acetaldehyde, of air; up to 220 ℃ of regeneration air can for runner, all runner basic not occurred aggregate reaction; this runner by special synthesis zeolite through special chemical reactions long Crystal Yu ceramic fiber and into, according to air conditions single runner can reached-80 ℃  D.P. 


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