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NMP recovery equipment

NMP recovery equipment

songjing  NMP recovery equipment is the company and Japan SEIBU, NICHIAS Corporation cooperation developed, suitable for coating machine NMP solvent recovery, ensuring customers NMP energy, being able to guarantee our customers meet the requirements of environmental protection standards.

   NMP recovery system features   NMP recovery equipment has the following two characteristics:

1.  solvent recovery is above 90%; NMP emitted from below 30 PPM;

2. NMP recovery system after installation, the coating machine energy consumption declined significantly NMP recovery of high purity,  may create significant economic benefits for the customer

    NMP recovery principle;

NMP recovery equipment works:

NMP recovery system using the physical properties of the NMP, the freezing and VOC Rotary United recovery systems for full recovery, VOC imported molecular sieve of the runner runner, Wheel is divided into 3 regions, is a processing area, is a cooling zone, one desorption, VOC wheel turns slowly in a work process, containing organic solvents to deal with gas from flowing through the district into a relatively clean gas content of organic solvent in the gas after processing can be reduced to below 30ppm. Another part of air containing organic solvents in the presence of regenerating fan from flowing through the cooling area, and after being heated to a certain temperature, from flowing through the regeneration area of the runner, due to heated regeneration area of the runner by the regeneration air, absorption regeneration area of organic solvents evaporate with recycled air. Runner job, proportion of the recycled air and air 1/5 (concentration 5 times), regenerative organic solvent concentration in the air can be a concentration of 6 times before processing. Gases are condensed to a certain concentration, method of freezing can make NMP condensation.

      original     systems using heat recovery equipment (coating machine exhaust air preheated by waste heat into the coating machine), had a good energy-saving effect;

typical NMP recovery programme is as follows

to exhaust coating machine is 2000 cubic meters/hour, for example:

      in songjing  NMP recovery system design, Using heat recovery principle in coating machines in the air can be heated up to 80 ° c, prior to installing the NMP recovery equipment, coating machines outside air needs to be heated to 120 ° c, and after installing the NMP recovery equipment, heating needs from 80 ° c to 120 ° c, thus energy-saving effects following calculations (calculation of outside air temperature 30 ℃):                                      &Nbsp;   (120-30) x2000x1.2 ÷ 3600= 60 kW

      songjing  NMP recovery system (2000CMH/hr) energy consumption for:36 kw; it is clear that NMP recovery system of energy consumption is far lower than that of recovery unit of the system energy consumption; saving more than 40%. And  SJ  half-closed recycling system of condensed water in only a few separation and recovery of NMP purity is much higher than other manufacturers.

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