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Ultrasonic industrial humidifying equipment

Matsui ultrasonic humidifier water supply and automatic water supply, the water level automatic control, from one minute to 99 hours, any set time and stop time setting after work without staff duties, Matsui series ultrasonic humidifier output pipeline, may require humidification of places users reasonable layout of line, or even the mist outlet, line connection required between the seal. Equipment with an integrated type components, and there is no water protection device, the droplet diameter of only 1-10 μ m, particle size, longer suspension and air. Matsui series of industrial ultrasonic humidifier, atomized work without mechanical drive, no noise, no pollution, atomization efficiency, low failure rate, low energy consumption, high efficiency, reliable and practical industrial humidification equipment.

Matsui ultrasonic industrial humidification machine series for outer wall hanging and mobile bi-functional design, equipment is made of stainless steel box, surface treatment, beautiful, practical, easy to install. Matsui series of industrial ultrasonic humidifier is equipped with a standard water supply and discharge valve and overflow.
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ZS-30Z humidifier technical specifications
Humidification capacity: ≥ 9.0kg/h
Source: 220V~50HZ
Power: 900W
Climate control: automatic
Out of the fog: 2x110PVC (mm)
Droplet diameter: 10.0 (UM)
Air volume: 350m3/h
The use of ambient temperature: 0-40 c
Size: 830x460x700mm (depth x width x height)
Net weight: 33kg
Moved: anchor swivel wall fixing dual-use
Package: Wooden box
Model: ZS-30Z
Specifications: 830×460×700mm
Production: 20.000 units/year
Trademarks: Matsui
Working mode: Humidifier
Uses: For industrial use
Certification: CCC
Climate control: Automatic
Installation: Vertical
Type: Ultrasonic

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