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Consumers beware of dehumidifier replacement behind the feline

  published by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of finance and other units, effective June 1, 2009 implementation of the dehumidifier trade-in implementation measures will expire on December 31. Because there is no continuity on the measures for the implementation of the policy, various businesses and trial area consumers are gearing up, seize the expiration policy, many dehumidifiers dehumidifier promotions stores also take this set off orgasm.

    receives the old dehumidifier no matter good or bad buckle 10

    behind many dehumidifiers store hot sale, many industry insiders are also in the process of policy implementation questions the emerging chaos. Reporters recently from a Korean lady who is ready to buy a new home, and searched out some of the trade-in process "catch".

    It is understood that the Korean Lady dehumidification machine recently purchased for the new home, learned that dehumidifier after trade-in subsidies, between joy and sorrow. On one hand, she was happy to corresponding preferential policies of the State, nature can actually give people cash subsidies. The other hand, the old dehumidifier for in your home place, had already sold to recyclers. Now participate in the trade-in needed ten old dehumidifier, but enough home to five. She could not find the old dehumidifier and sorrow.

    Korean lady told reporters: "the store for someone to give me advice that can used dehumidifier market to buy a smaller, less expensive. They charge old dehumidification machines don't see anyway these dehumidifiers are good or bad. "

    Korean ladies around around the salvage station for nearly a week, found used in the salvage station old dehumidifier not found. So, Ms. Han decided to go home by five old industrial dehumidifier, the rest try to work something out.

    a week later, dehumidifiers stores sent to pull the old dehumidifier. "When they come, have not seen the old dehumidifier, like I said, these dehumidifiers are not qualified, certainly short of here and there, unable to cross. Each piece will be charged 10 bucks. "Han said, though I knew they were to earn, but considering also lost a total of 50 Yuan, did not mind.

    It is reported that the dehumidifier contains a lot of recyclable scrap non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, glass and other materials, to be effectively recycled, in line with the needs of energy saving and emission reduction, recycling economy. However, in waste dismantling, resource recycling program is still very irregular. It is understood that people sell to vendors of Eee, many would a low-level approach to small workshop processing, sell plastic, metal can be sold the parts removed, the rest of the ordinary garbage or burned. While some vendors for dehumidifiers in the old gold, silver, Platinum and other precious metals were extracted for sulfuric acid soaking, and so on. This generated waste gas, waste water, soil, water quality, causing serious damage.

    in addition, many people are concerned, policy, waste dehumidifier there deal with the problem of poorly, with the end of the policy, no dismantling of used electronics sent to scientific approaches, the situation will be even worse. Many experts suggest that the establishment of a standardized waste dehumidifier and electronic products recycling system is a top priority. Which may change waste dehumidifier market disorder management, pollution of the natural environment, effectively curbing the current dehumidifiers recycling potential damage to environmental protection.


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