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New spring moisture Matsui dehumidifier into the preferred

after the Spring Festival, began warming up again, with warm, humid air in the South, increasing the moisture content in the air, air humidity also increased more annoying problem: humidity makes people feel sleepy corner water seepage, mold, and furniture damaged. For this reason, many families began to purchase desiccant products, gree household dehumidifiers is very popular, intelligent dehumidification dry comfort experience, more intelligent defrost, air filtration and drying function, comfort and practical.

dehumidifying dry and visible

    dehumidifier works by dehumidifiers, built-in wind turbines to moist air inhalation, draws moist air is a hydrophilic membrane cold evaporator the moisture in the air condenses rapidly drops to the water tank, then finished with the dry air outlet discharges, to air dehumidification effect. From the dehumidifier works we can see, key parts of the dehumidifier is the wind wheel, evaporator and compressor, gree dehumidifier to key parts of the wind wheel, evaporator and compressor optimization as a whole, constitute a new generation of "dehumidification" engine, the dehumidification capacity is more robust, moist in the speedy resolution of problems.

    gree dehumidifier according to the principles of aerodynamics, optimal wind turbine design, increase the air input. At the same time more moist air can be inhaled; built-in evaporator unique hydrophilic membrane design, able to make water molecules condense faster aggregation drops to tanks, greatly improving the efficiency of dehumidification. Meanwhile, gree dehumidifier with efficient compressors, machine working environment can be down to 5 c, cryogenic condensation moisture can increase the intensity of dehumidification, completely solve moisture problems.

intelligent automatic humidity control is more comfortable

    in addition, dehumidifier dehumidifier can also cause excessively dry indoor environment, affect the life of goods as well as human health. Gree dehumidifier special I.E. humidity control intelligent eyes, can automatically detect the relative humidity of the indoor air through the unique intelligent humidity sensors, and decide if the set humidity has been reached, control the machine, adjust indoor humidity, creating the perfect home space.

    climate change at home, turn on dehumidifier was in trouble, what should I do? Gree dehumidifier intelligent intelligent humidity control, home when the ambient humidity is lower than the set humidity, dehumidification automatically stops running when the ambient humidity is high the dehumidifier will automatically restart, keep indoor humidity is always at their best.

three functions of all hotels guests

    in addition to dehumidifiers, outside humidity control, gree dehumidifier also includes intelligent defrosting function, air filtering, drying and other three value added functionality, a dehumidifier can not only effectively dehumidify or air purification, drying issues!

    in dehumidification machine running process in the, will produced water condensation into cream attached in dehumidification machine within, long-term accumulated will serious effect dehumidification machine effectiveness, gree dehumidification machine ad hoc intelligent of cream function, dang machine within appeared knot cream phenomenon Shi, will automatically opened of cream function, cream of zhihou will automatically cut back dehumidification State, makes dehumidification machine always maintained in best work State. In addition, gree dehumidifier function in an effective desiccant filter dust at the same time, minimizing dust threat to internal body parts, prolong the life of the body cleansing breathing environment. Gree dehumidifier ad hoc clothes dryers feature, the machine is quick drying clothes. Dry clothes not only can easily solve wet season clothes problem can usually meet the requirements clothes quick dry, described as two birds with one stone!


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