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Industrial dehumidifier it is unlikely that market demand for new products, sales business development

"industrial dehumidifier countryside" policy was just over a month, "energy subsidy" policy-induced "cheating up" farce was staged, suffering from policy-dependent industrial dehumidifier sales market in the year 2013 year is deserted. If there is no new policy, in the face of already saturated market, Enterprise how to stimulate consumption? throw out your old machine, purchased new machines are an obvious market rules, but the tests that lie ahead are industrial dehumidifier recycling industries do not mature and hard.

since December 31, 2011 national "to old for new" policy end Hou, China industrial dehumidification machine enterprise does not directly participation recycling processing link, due to Lee thin, old industrial dehumidification machine of recycling processing does not formed scale industry, professional split solutions company still exists with split solutions supply insufficient, and profit less, problem, and large old industrial dehumidification machine have not to recycling, new of market needs also is unlikely to, sales enterprise also difficult was development, such of cycle always in for.

with lightning as people have a lot of ideas, but many more still do not know to this level, consumers are interested in policy higher subsidy payments of old appliance secondhand electronic equipment recycling prices, but in any case, during the policy period, recycling companies are a lot of old appliances, appliance sales enterprises effectively develop new markets. However, the policy after the end of the year, old electronics recycling on the apathy of changes back to the original state.

in order to alleviate the plight of State subsidy policy, introduced support for the old industrial dehumidifier recovery many times processing enterprises, and 21 companies now was eligible for subsidies, but experts believe that, in addition to the subsidies, industrial dehumidifier manufacturing enterprises should actively participate, "which is conducive to the development of the whole industry chain."


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