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Escape back to the South in the spring day dehumidifier is a rare weapon

  from "back to the South", the traditional practices is Guan Yanmen, Windows, auxiliary methods is the use of air conditioning is dehumidification.

    brand air conditioning trainer, said principle is the role through the compressor of air conditioner dehumidification, humid compressed air, cooling, separate water. Dehumidification of the negative effects are also strong, on the one hand, easily lead to indoor temperature; the other is power consumption.

    in order to resolve this contradiction, to meet consumer demand, soon appeared the dehumidifier on the market, some of which desiccant dehumidification is similar, it is by means of compressed air, "squeezing" out of water reach the dehumidification effect. At present, the wet g, gree, midea, Haier launched conventional air conditioning enterprises such as dehumidifiers, compressors generally used method.

    due to the relatively high cost of the compressor, so dehumidifying fuselage carrying air compressor price not low, close to the retail price of one single air conditioner.

    "save energy, rational use of energy" concept further, people have realized that the mechanical energy expended energy transmission and distribution, as compared to "run, run, drip, leak" causing heat loss of precious energy. To this end, the energy consumption to reduce transmission and distribution losses, also attracted more and more attention. Dehumidifier use is necessary.

    dehumidification machine and air conditioning maximum of difference on is, air conditioning is will air of temperature except low, condensation into cream, gathered up discharge water mouth, air conditioning dehumidification in summer compared suitable, and dehumidification machine using of is put air inhalation machine within Hou, using of internal cooling way, will machine within of water gel received Hou, eventually discharge machine outside, so using dehumidification machine of when should avoid and heat products contact, and to keep access outlet of unobstructed, Do not pile up too many items around it, should keep the air flow, the best method is to its middle position, so dehumidifying effect will be better!


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