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2013 dehumidifier market demand is gradually expanding

  humidity and temperature are as ubiquitous in the air, the humidity in the room is too big, people will feel muggy uncomfortable, when relative humidity is higher than 60% to growth of mold, moisture and mold damage to the equipment caused by the oxidation of metals may unwittingly. Optical lens, magnetic recording materials in industrial products, image film, electronic media, electronic components, instruments, powder materials, paper, wood, silk, leather, tobacco, food, tea, food, and so is the need to control the humidity. With technological advances and product technology continues to improve and the deepening of China's opening up, a large number of foreign-funded enterprises set up their manufacturing bases in China, especially in recent years, the semiconductor industry moved heavily into its new production technology and production processes on the environment temperature, humidity and cleanliness of high demand, particularly in need of air with low humidity environment guaranteed. With the improvement of people's living standards, the market demand for a variety of commercial and household dehumidifiers will gradually expand.

    use the dehumidifier can:

    reduce the fungus and other bacteria:

    yellow plum rain season, furniture, clothing and food are easily to be mouldy and rancid. This is because of the high humidity environment into a breeding ground for bacteria, micro-bacteria and dust mites and other allergens are significantly reduced humidity below 65%, make your and your family's health from encroaching, furniture clean and durable.

    effectively relieve from the effects of wet weather conditions:

    reduce indoor humidity to reduce rheumatism, arthritis or neuralgia pain attacks.

    effective and fast drying clothes:

    on wet days, clothes two or three days is not dry, creating an offensive smell. Dehumidifying function within a short time, drying clothes, remove clothes troubles.

    the effective maintenance of dry temperature working environment:

    dehumidification function accurately measure and maintain indoor humidity at an ideal range. Can more effectively improve the damp environment to eliminate mildew clean-air; reducing the loss of the items! Widely applies Yu Office, and various archives management (Bank, and police, and Museum, and archives), and computer room, and precision instruments room, and room (medical, and power, and telecommunications); food factory and the drug factory workshop warehouse, and clothing factory warehouse, and food meters products warehouse (electronic, and pharmaceutical, and food, and shoes industry, and clothing, and tobacco, and chemical, and printing, industry), and basement, and bath Center, and swimming pool, and new decoration Villa and the duplex floor indoor.

    to sum up, our lives not to dehumidifier, in 2013, will be industrial dehumidifier times!


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