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How to play best dehumidifier dehumidifiers proper selection effects

  desiccant dehumidification equipment is very professional, we are generally aware of, is Desiccant Dehumidifier selection often place simple selection of the area. Industry workshops, warehouses and so on belong to the technology needs of air purification equipment, which has a strict climate requirements. Therefore, industrial dehumidifiers, dehumidification equipment can not only use the use of area of selection, the selection of which way to think about industrial dehumidifier?

    of songjing believes that is the basis of their size, high initial moisture value indoor closed, target humidity value, level, moisture sources, fresh air supply factors calculated total cooling capacity, unit selection of key parameters such as Desiccant Dehumidifier after.

    industrial dehumidification machine of principle

    industrial dehumidification machine by compressor, and hot Exchange device, and fan, and Sheng water device, and machine shell and the controller composition, its work principle is: by fan will wet air pumping into machine within, through hot Exchange device, at air in the of water condensation into drops, into dry of air discharge machine outside, so cycle makes indoor humidity reduced.

    II, and industrial dehumidification machine of main parts

    1, and compressor: is industrial dehumidification machine of core parts, industrial dehumidification machine of compressor has special of requirements, in brand in number Japan big gold, and Mitsubishi most excellent, formal brand dehumidification machine enterprise production of industrial type dehumidification machine are General used this two paragraph compressor, is most stand time, and practice test of.

    2, fans: fans of quality industrial dehumidifier recirculated air flow, the important part is the ability to influence industrial dehumidifier dehumidifier, good industrial dehumidifier using centrifugal machine for industrial ventilation, large air volume, low noise, long service life.

    3, humidity sensor: humidity sensor, determines the precision of industrial dehumidifier and humidity sensor more sensitive, higher precision of control, working to achieve the best accuracy.

    c, industrial dehumidifiers testing standards and accuracy of

    industrial dehumidifiers for industrial and manufacturing process, as a professional mechanical and electrical equipment, stricter testing their dehumidification capacity, require temperatures of 27, humidity 80% environment for testing, on the other hand in the process of enterprise product system, Modern process technology requires a environmental relative humidity is higher, so industrial dehumidifier control accuracy is above 1%.

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