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Prepares for the spring tide dehumidifiers to find fresh and dry tips

  March in southern moist is a common phenomenon, environmental humidity brings a lot of inconvenience to the people, who want to live in a damp, musty room.

    "spring chill" March air humidity near saturation in most parts of the South, everywhere is wet scenes, seems to squeeze water from the air, often damp and overcast weather. Humid environment directly affects people's daily lives, such as storage, clothes wet moldy dry, precision instruments, floors and walls moldy mildew, excessive moisture environment of fast growth the breeding of the bacteria, and may even cause various skin diseases.

    studies have shown that indoor humidity up to 10% will increase the incidence of asthma 3%. Air humidity is too large or too small, are conducive to the reproduction and dissemination of bacteria and viruses. Scientific determination, when the humidity is above or below 38% 65%, the fastest growth the breeding of the bacteria, when relative humidity is 45%-55%, bacteria die quickly.

    humid environment for the life, health, financial trouble, find an effective dehumidification method Liang Tang Miao medicine has become essential to home life.

    at present, the people select the dehumidification mode has the following categories:

    first, the moisture temperature wet lime application

    lime absorption method: lime is absorbent, 1 kg of quicklime can absorb approximately 0.3 kg of moisture in the air. Rainy days available cloth sacks wrapped with lime or placed after the room, keep the air dry.

    second, indirect ventilation shut doors and Windows to block moisture

    intermittent ventilation: rainy days the need to close Windows in your home, especially off-South and South-East-facing Windows. Downwind just open the doors and Windows can reduce the water vapor into the rooms. When the weather is sunny, open all the doors and Windows, to accelerate the evaporation. Close the window at the right time, it's at noon and in the afternoon you can open Windows and doors.

    third, find fresh and dry dehumidifiers the most effective

    of indoor moisture is the most convenient way is to use a dehumidifier or turn on the air-conditioning, extracting moisture from the air. Reporter analysis: Although many methods of dehumidifying, but improper use of lime is still on home life are potentially dangerous, and doors and Windows closed, indoor air ventilation, can also affect health. March "into" dehumidifier not only maintain good indoor ventilation, fresh and dry and you can find family-friendly environment.

    understand the spring moisture dehumidification knowledge, I believe every friend has a home life of the coup, effectively avoid damp obstacles, get fresh and healthy home environment for your family.


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