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Back to NaN late dehumidifier price

"back to the South", although later than usual, but with a spring rain, Zhuhai goodbye most pleasant dry season. Higher moisture content in the air quickly, whether it is human or all the items in the room, each with a wet felt, is not difficult to foresee that soon will have a boring mould growth everywhere. Fresh and elegant, it is best to have a dehumidifier.

mainstream models around 1900

"wet gradually from the beginning this week, a lot later than in previous years. "Gome Electrical Appliance Zhongshan, Zhuhai market head of small appliances, Mr Lee told reporters, according to its experience in previous years, before the Chinese new year has already started to prepare dehumidifier products in stock, but this year the" South "has been slow in coming, so appliances more passive. Li Zhenhua said that based on previous sales experience, February-April of each year is the dehumidifier sales season, but this year the season halfway through when the sale starts, "these products seasonally is too strong. "In addition, suning appliance, Zhuhai life electric charge Wu Huiping also said that 51 years ago as the annual dehumidifier sales.

according to the reporter because dehumidifiers work basically the same as the air conditioning, dehumidifiers typically cost more than 1500 Yuan. "Dehumidifier is almost a small mobile air conditioning. "Wu Huiping said because effect of desiccant machines by means of compressed air vacuum can be achieved, so the device is close to the cost of air conditioning. Wu Huiping said mainstream dehumidifier price 1900 Yuan this year, "mainstream products are 16-18, and 80 square around the House. "According to the reporter, in addition to such mainstream products and suning in Zhuhai this year also launched a small dehumidifier 12-13, priced at around 1300," this small dehumidifier price hovering at around 1600, this year prices generally fall. "Said Wu Huiping, a small dehumidifier for 60 square around a small apartment.

dehumidification effect of high energy consumption

"dehumidifier products mandatory requirements are not too strong. "Mr Lee told reporters that as a very seasonal products, dehumidifier sales has been not very ideal, mainly because many users will be using dehumidification. "Does have air conditioning dehumidification function, but this function is not professional, a vacuum effect and are far removed from the dehumidifier and higher energy consumption. "Li Zhenhua said, because the air conditioning installation location is high, and large amounts of water vapor in the air will be gathered on the ground, which resulted in air conditioning vacuum effect is greatly reduced. In addition, relative to the dehumidifier can move at any time, fixed air conditioning can influence the area is very limited, which resulted in air conditioners dehumidifiers is not very ideal. Wu Huiping also believes that rarely install air conditioning in the living room, bathroom and kitchen, best dehumidifying ways are dehumidifiers.


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