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Analysis: how to choose the suitable for home use dehumidifier

  to protect from moisture, creating a clean living environment, many families will now purchase a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in the room, then, faced with an overwhelming variety of dehumidifiers product, how do consumers choose the dehumidifier suitable for family use? For this reason, this reporter recently visited Nanning some sales figures, their purchase gives a number of recommendations.

    in some three years of sales experience, Wang suggested, too small will be buy a dehumidifier dehumidifier too great a burden, dehumidification power is too strong and can burn excess power, so buy-don't buy cheap desiccant dehumidification capacity, or a small room with very good dehumidifier, needs to buy it.

    in addition to demand, to buy should be based on the proportions of the room, it's best to purchase 1:1. Actually, the dehumidifier is not power, the greater the better, if living area air moist enough, dehumidifier will not be able to achieve the effect of dehumidification, in vain.

    in General, compressors compressor type dehumidifier opportunities running sound, early-stage compressor type dehumidifiers really is very noisy. However, under the technical upgrade, now the dehumidifier was in operation when the voice is small, you can almost hear.

    now, there are a lot of air and quiet dehumidifier, but its prices are surging, dehumidifier or dehumidifier is the main function, so if your focus is affordable, only buy a dehumidifier with simple function as well.


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