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Dehumidifiers were plagued by upgrading new patterns and refactoring

 2012 years of dehumidifier is winter, but there is bustling. Tesco store, suning and GOME stir "business promotion wars", gree and midea patent dispute behind all this news is in essence a dehumidifier industry upgrading and reconstruction of the new structure.

    data show that just the gree, midea, three domestic dehumidifier Haier brand occupied market share over 70%, while Hisense kelon, Li Ye, galanz, Oaks and other second-tier dehumidifier brand share of nearly 20%, dehumidifier brand gap between one or two lines. And in technology, dehumidifier brands, resources, scale and better position first dehumidifier brands, some second-tier dehumidifier brand in the industry slump not enough capacity to cope with risks, suffered a temporary operating difficulties, weak markets, declining sales, one or two line dehumidifier brands further widening of the gap between.

    the past few years, under the power of home appliances to the countryside, policies such as energy subsidies, one or two line air conditioning market demand ahead of an overdraft. The second half of 2011, 30% of the industry's profits in the past three years were down to 16%, many regional dehumidifier brand's survival is at stake. Dehumidifier brands will face a new wave of reshuffle.


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