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Dehumidification tool early preparation

"cold blows the wind in the Willows", after the Chinese new year, warm spring weather to come. Is located in South China's Guangdong Province, Spring means warmer at the same time, also means that the annoying "back to the South".

  due to the spring arrival of the warm, humid air in the South, warm and moist southerly air will bring a great deal of humidity, precipitation water in indoor humidity is too large space, corridors, corners and other places around water seepage. "Southern sky" not only make people feel sleepy, more important that family life is not comfortable, excessive moisture caused mildew breed, even home renovations and home appliances work properly.

therefore, every "Southern" home should be a "dehumidifier". Dehumidifier on the market today is the main force is divided into two camps: the dehumidifier the dehumidifier or compressor.

compressor type dehumidifiers: comparable to small air conditioning

  dehumidifier not popular when many people choose to use air conditioning dehumidification. Principle of dehumidification is through the compressor, the humid air is compressed, cooled, split its moisture. Dehumidification of the negative effects are also strong, on the one hand, prone to indoor temperature drops, the other is power consumption.

  desiccant dehumidification compressor is similar, all by means of compressed air, "squeezing" out of water reach the dehumidification effect. The dehumidifier before the advent of most dehumidifiers are used in compressor dehumidifiers; currently, gree, midea, Haier launched conventional air conditioning enterprises such as dehumidifiers, compressors generally used method.

cost due to the compressor is relatively expensive, so carrying air compressor dehumidifiers, the overall market price generally in more than 2500 Yuan.

dehumidifier: new method

  mainstream dehumidifier on the market other than the traditional dehumidifiers with compressor, there is rise of nearly two years without compressor dehumidifier. Dehumidifier not through compressor dehumidifiers, but built an ever turning wheel dehumidification, desiccant can be transferred per hour 8-12 rpm, slow rotation.

  dehumidifiers are divided into two major areas: in dealing with the region, humid air passes through the runner is about 2/3 of the moisture, the water molecules in the air is absorbed by hygroscopic agent runner, drying air is fan sent to space to be addressed.

  in the regeneration area, ever-turning wheel loaded with saturated steam enters the regeneration area, blowing in the direction of high-temperature air in the blanket makes the runner in the adsorption of moisture desorption, outdoor fan, so that the runner's ability to restore moisture for easy recycled moisture absorption.

  wheel constantly turning, dehumidification and regeneration of this cycle, the dehumidifier continued to work steadily. Dehumidifier moisture-specific surface area, small flow resistance, moisture efficiency higher characteristic. There is no frost function. Because of the unique design is smaller and lighter, dehumidifiers in the overall average price of 2000-3000 Yuan, also has more than 1000 pieces of small dehumidifiers.


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